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my demented favs du jour

i have yet to write anything here that exceeds 240 characters lol. i have an idea for writing about how tiktok contributes to a trend of nonlinear culture and how pop songs no longer follow chronological logic. i’m not the only one listening to 2010 music this summer. will’s obsession with spiral time is def rubbing off on me. 344 characters.

some things matter and other things don’t :)

resurgence of blogger energy… where are my colored pencils?

today feeling: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n26rojvhbzehvlb/1-10%20I%27m%20Over%20%28Studio%20Demo%29.mp3?dl=0.

today feeling: like i peaked in 2017 and need to find a new way to earn money for my landlady and credit card company.

the things i endure for my rice vermicelli salad.

i looked at apartments listed in my neighborhood in to see if i’m missing out on any deals and i’m not at all, phew! deciding i love my house tbh.

remembering how free it felt when my apartment was empty.

i think i secretly resent all Art that is made on purpose…

everything looks the same these days. hasn’t it always?

ok try listening to both of these at once:

listening to This Is ABBA.

i don’t even care that no one is reading this :)

my hearts beating so fast :.:’) (coffee)

eating gummy bears.

a single raw popcorn kernal just appeared on my bathroom floor.

i overcame anxiety and started my daunting task (opened a file). now it’s time for dinner. at least i’ll be ready tomorrow…

do you guys ever think about where the stuff that makes your stuff comes from? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tantalum_capacitor

there’s a chatroom inside the clock.

listening to abercrombie & fitch lego brick and working on my blog :)